Wild Acorns Co.



About Khristina Helmich

CD(DONA) | B.S. Graphic Design | Owner

THE DESIGN SERVICES:: Wild Acorns Co. is owned and operated by myself, Khristina Helmich. I offer complete design services for commercial clients whether the client is an entrepreneur, small business or corporate. I offer Brand Development, Logo & Identity, Print for Publication, Wed Design, Tradeshow & Signage Design, Advertising & Direct Mail. My clients are local and around the world.

THE SHOP:: I wanted a space of my own where I could create and share with the world. The shop side of my business is my outlet. I use hand & digital to design the creativity you see on products that are printed with a USA vendor we love that ships the pieces directly to you, our supporters.


THE OFFICE:: My office space is shared with my soul mate, our two tiny humans that we grow locally here in Virginia, and our two kitties. They are not just inspiration – they are collaborators. We are born and raised mid-westerners but our heart brought us to Virginia (and many other places before that). We are adventurers, travelers, creators and God followers.

THAT NAME THOUGH:: It was around the birth of this venture that my then 2 year old son started having this obsession with acorns. People, I kid you not. He would come into the house with pockets full of acorns. He hid piles of them in his toys and under the furniture. I finally found myself looking up the deeper meaning of "acorns" and discovered that they symbolize growth and potential, life, independence and strength – all things that I as a human & mother strive for. Life is a wild ride for us all and I choose to embrace it. So the name was perfect. I hope we all embrace our wild side as we fly and fall through life trying to plant our roots and grow into a mighty oak... legendary even.